Fall Family Field Mini Session

Fall Family Field Mini Session

The golden fields at sunset in Lighthouse Field turned out to be the most beautiful spot to photograph Eliza and her family during my annual fall holiday mini sessions. We set up a blanket in the golden grass in front of a cypress tree and the rapidly setting sun. The lighting was perfect and the family was dressed just as perfectly. I asked the four of them to snuggle together and they were happy to oblige.

Sunset Beach Maternity Session

Dana and Taylor met me on a beautiful afternoon at Natural Bridges State Beach for their maternity shoot and we instantly connected. They were so relaxed and happy that you’d never know that this is their first baby. We wandered along the beach and chatted about everything from where they were married (Hawaii) to what they do for a living (Dana works at my sister’s all time favorite fabric store Harts Fabrics) to my confusion over her email address name Dana Junk (turns out Junk is not her last name, just the name my G-mail has dubbed her since she apparently emails from her junk account).

I think it’s safe to say that Dana absolutely GLOWS in her photos. Taylor was a wonderful help and made great suggestions for shots (such as the sexy leg poses- ow ow!). All in all, this maternity session was yet another reminder of how much I love what I do and how amazing my clients are. I can’t wait to photograph Baby Ozzie in the coming months!

Fall Family Beach Session

When one of my friends asked if she could buy her besties a mini family session as a gift, I was happy to oblige. Alexis contacted me and asked if we could do it in her backyard- aka Pleasure Point- on a Friday evening. Luckily for us, the sunset was gorgeous and we were able to get some beautiful shots of this lovely little family.

Not sure what to get loved ones for the holidays? How about a photo session? Email me for details at kate@seabrightphotography.com!

Daddy + Me Photo Sessions

I get a lot of requests for family sessions, and nine times out of ten, I receive the inquiries from moms. I love taking beautiful pictures of mothers dressed in goddess like flowy dresses glowing as they cradle their children, but often times the dads end up taking the back seat through these sessions. I’ve never really thought about what it would be like to switch gears and focus on the daddy + me types of sessions.

I recently did a family session where the little girl and her father had a special bond. While editing these photos, I was struck by how beautiful their relationship is and how much the mother will probably cherish these images of the two people she loves most in the world enjoying each other’s company. I also love the obvious transition from post-nap grump to running-in-the-sand-elated. Here’s to more daddy + me photo shoots!

Backyard Wedding Part I

When my good friend got engaged, she told me that she'd be having a private, family only wedding. I was so bummed to miss the ceremony but respected her request. Luckily, she ALSO wanted me to photograph it, and I happily accepted the role. So, I boarded a plane to Pennsylvania and arrived on an incredibly hot and humid day to find every burner on the stove firing away while meat slowly cooked in multiple bbqs outside. You see, Alex hails from Oklahoma, and his family competes in Kansas City BBQ competitions. Jackpot. 

For the next few hours, Nicole and Alex drank some cold beers, cooked some good food, and slowly got into their wedding best while mingling with their guests (they totally overrode their family-only policy). Abruptly, the officiant, one of Nicole's fellow yogis, asked guests to stop what they were doing so the wedding could begin. Nicole walked out of her backdoor, dressed in lace and flowers, to silence as children darted back and forth in her way. The ceremony was short, sweet, and nothing short of perfect. For the remainder of the evening, we beered, dined, and enjoyed a hot summer night filled with love. It was truly the perfect backyard wedding. 

The following day, I met Nicole, Alex, and Freddy the Hound at their local kayaking spot to take some forrest portraits. Again, it was hellishly hot and humid, but we didn't mind so much. I will post those pics in another blog post.

Congrats, Nicole and Alex! I love you guys!

Moody Maternity Session

When Rachel booked me for her maternity session, she noted that my backlit, ethereal sunset shots are what caught her eye. Fast forward to the day of our shoot and it's Portland gray, chilly, and our location is taped off with crime scene tape. Not ideal conditions, to say the least.

Luckily, Rachel and John are good humored and ready to go with the flow, despite the weather and swarming police officers. After trying and failing to include doggy George in the session, I was able to convince Rachel to try on my new addition to my client closet (details to come on this!), and let me get some shots. We spent the next hour wandering around Lighthouse Field and then the beach before calling it a wrap. I told them that if the photos sucked we could just have a quick redo somewhere sunny and nice. 

Holy crap. Not necessary. The pictures came out SO beautifully that I think we all were pleasantly surprised. Check out our moody magic below. 


Pennsylvania Visit

We just returned from visiting friends and family in Pennsylvania and although a whirlwind, we had a great time. After so many years away, I see it now through different eyes. While the California coast is undeniably gorgeous, there really is beauty every where if you look for it. Take my mom's backyard for example- I enjoyed capturing my girls playing freely and discovering new things and enjoying each other's company in this little secret backyard world.

Interested in booking me for a Pennsylvania photo session? Get in touch! 

Four Years Old

Last month, our big girl turned 4. I had no idea how much change she'd be going through from 3-4. The last month has certainly been an emotional roller coaster, but I enjoy seeing her begin to develop into a full fledged, opinionated and busy kid. Her grandparents decided to visit for the occasion and indulged her with multiple tea parties (per day). Of all her presents, can you guess which one she liked the most? Happiest of birthdays to our sweetest Marin. 

Baby Jude

A few months ago, Ayla and Chris asked me to come over to their home and do an in home maternity session, and we hit it off. I came back a second time to take some milk bath images of Ayla, which was also so fun (although my computer bit it and all the images disappeared-Ahhhh!). So when Baby Jude was finally born and Ayla asked me to take some photos of him, I was more than happy to say yes! We decided to use my house, in all its glorious light, for the session and I loved how the photos came out. So many congratulations and blessings to you, Ayla and Chris, with the birth of your sweet little boy!