Waiting for Baby

I've said it once and I'll say it again- I absolutely love doing maternity shoots. There is something just so beautiful about an expectant mother. Yes, her glow, but even more, it's that calmness and quiet excitement that seems to just radiate from pregnant women, like they've finally figured it all out, that makes people so drawn to them. Seriously, I've never been hit on and complimented more in my life than when I'm pregnant. Go figure!

I've always loved the idea that there are two (or more!) hearts beating in one body and I take great satisfaction in the fact that one day the babies of the ladies I photograph get to look at these pictures and enjoy learning about their stories of how they came to be. Here are the rest of the photos I took of the radiant Tina and her husband Spencer who will be meeting their little guy any day now! 

52 Capture: Busy Week


This past week has been a little nuts. I'm currently leaving my job I've held the past few years as an instructional designer (eek!) to pursue my photography. Between finishing up on work projects, photographing and editing sessions, and working on some courses for my favorite photography resource ever Unraveled Academy, I'm a little frazzled. But all of these things are good, too, so I really can't complain. Another good thing that's going on in my life is that one of my photos has been selected to be featured in Dear Photographer Magazine! I'm so psyched. Hopefully, it actually gets published. 

As far as the family life goes, we are trying to find some calm in our constant chaos. Speaking of chaos, we were visited on a  rainy Tuesday by a flock (?) of four turkeys. They spent the day hanging out in our front walkway, picking at weeds, and trotting around on our roof. They even sang us some songs in response to Marin's loud, I'm-up-from-my-nap songs she belted out for about an hour in the afternoon. And just as suddenly as the appeared, they were gone. 

52 Capture: Rainy Day


Rain has finally arrived in California! I'm not sure if it's because I am a fan of the trending hygge or because I now have little people to snuggle with, but I love being captive in my home while a rain storm pounds the ground outside. I find it all so cozy and it makes me happy. Hopefully, the storms keep coming so I can hunker down with my little ladies some more (and so our seeds that we've planted start to grow)! 



52 Capture: A Photographer's Evolution


I have to admit that I am writing this on the fly- it's been a very busy week of spreading myself thin between lots of work, caring for my children (see my cuties below), and balancing a household while my husband drives around the western half of the U.S. A mother's work is never done!


Like all creatives, I'm constantly thinking about how I can improve my work, but once I finally achieve something I love, I begin to reinvent the wheel and try something else. Lately, I've been staring HARD at my Instagram feed and trying to decide how I want to approach it for a more cohesive look. As I continue to review my work, I have found that my regular editing style doesn't always translate my vision, so I have been tweaking and trying some different editing techniques as well that are a little more subdued and include more black + whites. (I'm in the middle of editing an AMAZING maternity session with my tweaked approach and can't help but post a few images from our session right away.)

It's difficult not to compare myself to others, especially when there's some OUTSTANDING talent out there, but as I learn more and more about my craft and my own vision for my work, I feel proud to produce images that captures important moments in my clients' (and my own) lives. They may not be perfect, but they still gift us an opportunity to forever remember an important (or seemingly insignificant!) time in our lives. Every time a photo from my eldest daughter's baby years pops up on my computer screensaver, I am instantly transported back to a moment I may have otherwise forgotten and I am so grateful to have this reminder of how quickly time flies by and how important it is for me to document it. 


I will keep documenting my evolution as a photographer for the next year in hopes that I get closer to this unknown place I clumsily lumber towards. If you're interested in following me on this creative journey, please subscribe to my newsletter which I will set up in the next week or so.

In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I'd love to get your feedback on my posts! Hope you all have a great weekend. <3

52 Capture Project: Tahoe Weekend


A few weekends ago, we packed up and headed out to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the little snow its received this year. We ended up staying in a super cool rental that overlooked the lake- not too shabby! While we love our little Reina, she's not worried about wailing her heart out whenever she's tired/hungry/gassy,etc, so we opted to stay in instead of do our usual tour of restaurants and breweries. Luckily, we came across an excellent pizza takeout place just down the street from us called Whitecaps and bought sandwiches to go from an amazing little place on the west shore called West Shore Market & Deli. When we weren't stuffing our faces, Marin and Dustin were building sledding trails and fat snowmen while Reina and I enjoyed sitting by the fire. All in all, it was a great and very necessary little trip to Marin's favorite place on Earth. 

52 Capture Project: Early to Rise


Welp, I missed weeks 4 & 5, but I am here to make up for it! It's been a couple weeks of ups and downs as Dustin and I try to figure out what's best for our family. To try to survive in the most expensive area of the country and run our own businesses proves a challenge; and yet, it's so incredibly beautiful here that the thought of leaving makes me cringe. I often say that I feel like I'm cheating when I have Santa Cruz as my photo backdrop.

One Saturday morning, we all found ourselves awake before daylight, so we decided to bundle up, get in the car, and go watch the sunrise. Needless to say, it was worth the effort. 

52 Capture Project/Week 3: A Minute of Calm

This week, I battled a cold that my entire family has been suffering from for the past 3 weeks. I honestly think that nursing my daughter has boosted my white blood cells because I only have a slight (and more annoying than anything cause I'm just exhausted) cold compared to their constant hacking and congestion. Also, it's been raining. :(

Needless to say, we've been hanging out indoors a lot lately, which I don't always mind until the house looks like a bomb went off on it. But nursing a husband, 2 daughters, and myself, as well as desperately trying to keep my house sanitary at the very least, has taken me away from doing pretty much anything else, including editing photos (sorry, guys!). Still, I was able to get a few good shots of my family this week. I love listening in on Marin's games and stories she tells when she takes her bathes. Even though the games change, she is ALWAYS the boss. If I didn't force her to get out, she'd probably stay in the tub until she's blue in the face. The kid loves tubby time. 


A Kukitz Family Christmas

This Christmas, we flew across the country so that we could spend the holidays with our family and introduce our sweet little Reina to her relatives. While we were there, my sister asked me to take some shots of her and her three boys-  all looking at the camera. AT THE SAME TIME.

Well, I tried my best. :)  Who said that photographing a 3-year-old and 6-month-old twins would be easy? 

52 Capture Project: Week 2 Slow Down

I have been so busy the past 3 months that I decided that my New Year's Resolution was to CHILL OUT. When I spend time with my baby, I have to tell myself to be more present and focus on her because she will only be like this for a second; otherwise, I'm a spinning top trying to edit photos with one hand and clean up after my 3-year-old with the other. It's utterly exhausting.

I often think back to when Marin was a baby and how much more present I was then (or at least I think I was in hindsight- who knows? I could be totally wrong!). I keep wondering what the difference was. Then I remember that when Marin was an infant, I literally just laid around staring at her all day long. Today, I don't have that luxury. Between caring for both my girls, supporting my husband and his business, attempting to keep our house sanitary at the very least, and trying to carve out a little time to manage my own blossoming photography business, I feel spread a bit thin. Honestly, what mom doesn't?

Today, I decide to take Reina for a walk and listen to a "meditate for anxiety" session on my Calm app. As cheesy as it sounds, I found the guidance helpful and the walk with my littlest a therapeutic moment to connect with her and appreciate the life I have, because it truly is great. It's these baby steps (no pun intended) that I hope will lead me to a place of calm, acceptance, and content so I can fully enjoy this little bundle of joy that I worked so, so hard to bring into the world. 


Already Broke My Resolution

Soooo, a month ago I posted my goal to start a 365 photography project. What was I thinking? Between caring for a busy bee 3-year-old and a 3-month-old cutie, I can barely make it out of my pajamas before noon on most days; thus, I've decided to amend my audacious endeavor and instead post a 52 Capture Challenge. Every Friday, I post a pic from my previous week (well, a little more than that, but I'd like to start of my project with our one good shot from our family selfie shoot!). Let's see if I can at least stick this one out!

Happy New Year!