Happy Halloween

(And happy birthday to me!) I love how excited adults and children alike become when it comes to dressing up and eating candy. This year we trick-or-treated as a party of four in our new neighborhood.

Reina snoozed for the entire event, but Marin made up for it with her enthusiasm. Finally understanding that she is supposed to take candy from strangers instead of give candy to strangers (as she did last year- which was ridiculously cute), Marin walked away with quite the bounty! Despite all her goodies, she selected a bag of pretzels as her single treat for the evening. That's my girl!

She's Here!

After what feels like forever, I'm happy to announce that our rainbow baby is here! Reina Lee Williams was born last Tuesday, September 26, weighing a whopping 10 lb 6 oz and measuring 21 inches long. It has been a long and arduous journey to finally meet our baby, and we are so incredibly happy that she came out healthy and happy. 

The past two years have been difficult ones. After suffering a miscarriage last February, we were excited to learn we were expecting again just a few months later. Yet, to our horror, I went into premature labor when I was only 5 months pregnant and we lost our son, George last August. We were surprised to discover that we were pregnant again this past January and luckily my doctor took every precaution, including a surgical procedure to suture my cervix closed and giving me weekly (incredibly painful) injections of progesterone, to ensure that we would not lose another baby. 

Despite every effort to labor and deliver Reina via VBAC, I decided at 41 weeks that a repeat c-section would be the safest option for me and the baby. Luckily, everything went smoothly and our beautiful rainbow baby came out screaming. We feel so grateful to everyone who has helped and supported us over the past few months. Although we have been through hell, we feel that much luckier to welcome our beautiful little girl into our family. 




Sonoma + SF Weekend

Last weekend, my good friend Nicole flew in and we all headed up to Sonoma County for the weekend so I could photograph China & James's gorgeous wedding. Despite the heat, Sonoma prshowed us an incredible time. We chose the insanely hip and beautiful Hotel Petaluma as our home base from which we traveled tovarious breweries and wineries in the area (I was the DD, of course). Despite the Fourth of July weekend crowds, we were able to bypass a long line and enjoy lunch in lounge seating at The Girl and The Fig, where Nicole lost her shiz over her pork belly sandwich.

On our way back down to Santa Cruz, we stopped at the Ferry Building in San Francisco and did a little shopping. I coveted more Heath Ceramics tableware while Marin beelined for all things flowers. From there, we meandered down the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped at various little beaches to enjoy the sun. Our little weekend away was just what we needed to remind ourselves once again that we live in an amazing place. (P.S. Nicole, you should move here- just sayin'.)