hi, i'm kate...

and i want to take your picture. 

i've always carried a camera around, ever since my grandfather gave me a purple vivitar when i was a little girl. now i get to play with bigger, and better ones ( my little 110 point 'n shoot will always have my heart). 

i love photography because it lets me show the world just how i see it. anything can be beautiful if you catch it at just the right moment. that's what i want to do for you. and because i'm obsessive, i'll climb trees, lay in the dirt, or wade through the water just so i can get the perfect shot. 

i live in picturesque santa cruz, california, with my husband, daughter, and two dogs in our cute little beach bungalow. i am constantly inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds me, so you can find me wandering around with my camera in hand.

i'd love to take some pictures of you. let's chat!


(831) 291-5286

my style

one thing i know for sure is that i am not a photogenic person. stiff poses with frozen smiles is my worst nightmare!

instead of making you say cheese a hundred times, i like to let you go about your business while i snap pictures of you.

i think photography should tell a story. i want to capture yours! 


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